Ratmod - by the rats, for the rats

This is documentation for ratmod/RatArena - an open source mod for Open Arena (OA) which is a Quake 3 Arena clone. RatArena is a mod for OpenArena for both competitive and casual gameplay.

It adds many new features and quality improvements, among them are:

  • delagged projectiles
  • improved local prediction of various game events as well as other anti-lag features
  • latency equalizer for maximum fairness (optional)
  • new gametypes: Multitournament (multiple simultaneous duels), Extermination (Wipeout), FreezeTag, CoinFFA, CoinTDM, Treasure Hunter
  • missiles can go through teleporters
  • grenades are pushed by jumppads
  • highly configurable brightskins or bright player outlines (can be disabled)
  • ping feature to help coordinating in team games
  • friend markers that are visible through walls and indicate health/armor status
  • improved map vote menu
  • configurable map vote at the end of games
  • improved HUD with widescreen support
  • new, high-res icons
  • new font
  • other 2d upgrades
  • new awards (medals)
  • new announcer
  • team queue system to enforce equal team sizes
  • team balance system
  • improved weapon visuals (e.g. rail, rockets, lightning gun, grenades, ..)
  • pause/unpause feature
  • physics improvements
  • physics settings: additive jump, rampjump, ratmode (more aircontrol), etc.
  • taunts
  • numerous bugfixes and quality improvements
  • ...and much more!

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